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“Michel, your coaching helped me land a great client, which gave me a 30x, or 3,000% return on my investment!! Now I am conscious about storytelling as I never was before. Thank you!“

Alice Wheaton - Extreme Sales Results

Every speaker is unique. Every story is unique. Some improve by bringing out more heart. Others improve by bringing out more head. And still others improve by bringing out more funny bone. We took exactly what you need to be a great speaker and packaged them into a unique speaker training program that teaches you how to go from good to truly awesome.

Why Coaching?

  • Business Leaders and Managers: Paint a compelling vision that everyone wants to support and achieve. Gain the trust, respect and credibility of a true leader.
  • Speaker, Visionary and/or Change Agent: Develop the strongest possible story to engage both head and heart -- maximize audience engagement and drive change.
  • Salesperson: Create a story with a powerful call to action. Your listeners will have their credit cards out before they even know it.
  • Trainer: Whether you train hard skills or soft skills, develop stories that embed the learning points in a way that makes your content stick long after the training ends.
  • Coach or & Facilitator: Use storytelling to bridge different points of view and blow past impasses.

Is private coaching right for you?

Individual sessions are $250usd per hour, and Intensives are $500usd for 2-3 hours. We identify and address exactly what you need in order to improve your impact, performance, and effectiveness.

To see which option is right for you, please use the form below and Michel will get back to you to discuss your goals and needs.

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So months after applying for jobs, I finally landed a job doing what I love with a cool team. Part of how I sold myself as the person for the job was telling them my story (thank you, Michel!)

HESSAH ALJIRAH - Product Designer

Michel's coaching helped me refocus my energy on what was important while I continued to branch out. He helped a great deal and I recommend him for those who want to gain clarity and be empowered to reach new levels of success.

PIERETTE RAYMOND - Owner/Operator 1-800-Got-Junk, Ottawa & Gatineau

I was immediately impressed by Michel's quick grasp of the potential impact of my message and his keen insight into how I could have my message resonate more deeply with my audience.

ADRIAN DAVIS - Value Selling Expert Professional Speaker, Author, and Strategic Consultant

Michel’s coaching helped me clarify my key insights, balance the story with just the right amount of detail, and elevate it from a basic 'talk' to a powerful performance.

SOPHIE BOYCO - Sales Leader / Management, Sales Team Training, Facilitation & Coaching

What I loved most about the workshop is the innovative ways of how to deliver presentations in the most powerful ways. Michel's techniques will take any public speaker to the next level.

MARIOLA CZARNIAK - Founder of Maximum Results Academy

Michel, your Storytelling coaching helped me land a great client, which gave me a 30x, or 3,000% return on my investment!! Now I am conscious about storytelling as I never was before. Thank you!

ALICE WHEATON - Extreme Sales Results

Your story coaching helped me create a story that got people to listen. Really listen.

JANICE FRANCISCO - MSc Creativity & Change Leadership, Bridgepoint Effect

The coaching session was fantastic!

DEBBIE CLARK - Adoptive Parents of Children with Mental Illness Community & Podcast