Increase sales, gain greater audience engagement, enhance training effectiveness and become more influential in everything you do.

“One of the best storytelling programs, if not the best, I have ever seen. Remarkable in its clarity.”

~ Dave Lieber: Keynote speaker; Humorist; Columnist for Dallas Morning News

Free Virtual Trainings

Get Better Testimonials

What you'll get:

  • A better story-based approach
  • 8 ways that testimonials help
  • 4 believability enhancers
  • 5 types of testimonials
  • For new or established business
  • and more...

5 Neural Hooks

We'll cover:

  • The physiological and psychological effects of storytelling
  • The 5 neural hooks that help your listeners identify themselves in the story.
  • Why traditional case studies don't cut it anymore
  • How to tap into the listener's own subconscious desire
  • How to use this powerful technique ethically, and protect yourself in situations when someone is trying to use it on you!

Cam Like a Pro

We'll cover:

  • The best framing -- how big should your face be and where the camera should be pointed?
  • Body position - sit, stand, or something else?
  • The right lighting. (No fancy lights required.)
  • Maintaining engagement in a distracted world.
  • and more...

Your Brain on Storytelling

60 Seconds of Neuroscience


Over the years, we have studied, dissected and figured out the difference between the good presenters and those who are truly awesome. What we learned made us realize why it’s so hard to find any one speaker coach or training program that really accelerates your effectiveness and success... because it isn’t just one key skill or competency that makes the difference -- it's a lot of things that only work when they work together.

There are a number of workshops and training sessions we can customize for your team. If you have questions about any of these programs, please contact us so we can discuss the suitability for your needs and situation.

Inside-Out Storytelling is an approach that feels natural because it is natural. And with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), advertising copywriting, acting, stand-up comedy, songwriting, improv, and more... no other approach blends so many diverse disciplines to bear on your message and performance to help you be as impactful as you can be.

These workshops cover the range of skills you need to develop to increase sales, gain greater audience engagement, enhance training effectiveness, and become more influential in everything you do:

  • Messaging for Meaning, Differentiation, & Lasting Impact
  • Hooks & Headlines
  • Story Structure & Audience Journey
  • Writing & Development
  • Blurbs & Bios sales copy
  • Craft of Comedy for Speakers
  • Performance, Stage Presence, Improvisation

If you have questions about any of these programs, please contact us so we can discuss the suitability for your needs and situation.


The 'Storytelling for Business' series was transformational. It taught me how to tell a story with meaning, purpose, and great technique. Very effective.

DEBBIE CLARK - "Founder of Complex Parenting Resolve Speaker, Coach, Author"

The story structure workshop was a big help in terms of finding the meat and potatoes in my story. The comedy workshop enabled me to find the humour. Having the feedback from you and the other participants each workshop was very helpful too!

NADER EID - Personal Trainer

That was the perfect session for me. It helped me develop the story as the foundation of my branding.


The 'Storytelling for Business' series has taught me how to develop and present impactful stories that can be used both in conversation or on stage. I have learned more in this 6 week workshop than I have in the past year.

TIM MCDONALD - Speaker, Life & Business Coach

Michel's speaking classes and pointers go straight to the heart of transformation… and they’re informative and fun. They've been a key factor in helping me effectively build my coaching practice and my community.

LINDA BABULIC - Personal Business Strategist at ZEST Your Life

Michel was able to deliver a flawless and engaging workshop online. The content was timely and practical.


Michel Neray was pivotal in impacting my speaking career and workshop facilitation. His workshop taught me to craft my humorous talks with a core message that changed my speaking business profoundly. His easy style and compassionate manner allowed me to open up and take my business to a new level.

LENNY RAVICH - Author, Keynote Speaker, Gestalt & Humor Master, Optimism & Mindfulness Guru

Michel Neray's training has not only helped internal staff be more effective in their respective roles, but it also helped us access new sources of revenue. In addition, our front-line staff reported they were more effective in the field. We would definitely hire Michel again, and in fact, we did!

NANCY HEINRICHS - Executive Director Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

I was so impressed with the Virtual Workshop. What impacted me most was incorporating your teaching about where and how I might insert a pause... very useful and fun exercise!

CATHERINE STERNBERG - Assertiveness Coach

I learned a lot about how to increase audience connection, and had the opportunity to practice it in the actual workshop.

RICHARD HUDSON - Keynote Speaker & Adventurer

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