The best stories are the ones your attendees will tell after the conference.

“Members indicated that you transformed their thinking for better problem solving, relationship building, and ultimately satisfied customer sales… a great program!”

~ Joan Tezak, Exec. Director, Colorado Society Association Executives (CSAE)

The greatest motivational speakers do more than just offer deep subject matter expertise — they also use their energy and passion to touch the audience’s heart, mind, and funny bone. That’s how we create a truly profound experience that moves people to take on new ways of thinking, feeling and acting.

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Michel Neray

Founder of momondays and creator of Inside-Out Storytelling Michel helps you learn the power of storytelling... so you can lead better, sell more, and change the world.

Stephanie Staples

Stephanie Staples

Stephanie makes conferences rock! She works with busy professionals who want to be happier and healthier so that they can bring their 'A' game to work!

Emily Nichols

Emily Nichols P.ENG, B.SC.(ENG), M.A.SC.(ENG)

Emily works with organizations that want to equip their engineers with human skills, so they can become better problem solvers, team players, and leaders. PLUS, she's fun!!


Michel's presentation was true magic. He was able to craft a message for the audience that combined his expertise with their immediate needs. His delivery was exemplary. By combining humor, examples, and an informal but focused presentation, he demonstrated his command of storytelling principles and gave the audience immediate useful takeaways. True learning took place - Michel left the audience left feeling excited and motivated.

MARIE LAVIE - Managing Director, Eastern Prince Edward Island Chamber of Commerce

Excellent! Outstanding! Amazing! Michel is one of the greatest communicators I have ever had the pleasure to hear speak. He is also entertaining yet so relatable. Highly recommend him for the next event you host and need a speaker to entertain and educate your audience.

KAREN FOX - Market Domination Strategist, Speaker

Michel, we knew there would be some challenges in presenting a keynote on storytelling to our group, but you gently helped us take several steps on that journey by demonstrating how to use stories to enhance the impact of the research… and you did it with ‘aplomb’. You also left us with a wonderful reminder that we are all indeed human. On a professional — and personal — note, I want to tell you how much we appreciated your openness and flexibility leading up to the event, in tailoring the content to meet our objectives. Merci.

ISABELLE PLESZCZYNSKA - Healthcare Communications Mgr, Major Dep Disorder Lundbeck Canada Inc.

Storytelling proved to be a great keynote topic. The ability to present our results, the pertinent details, while keeping on point, and delivering the true message is critical and Michel provided many approaches that can be adopted, and help in the successful communications. The keynote was well worth it.

MICHAEL FLINT - Project Management Consultant

Michel, the message of your keynote was right in line with the objectives of the event. And, the more we work with our marketing company, the more we realize that the message of your keynote is also right in line with the objectives of our company. Thank you!

DAVE ROOSEVELT - CEO, Centric Consulting

I was skeptical that a keynote about storytelling could deliver anything new to an audience made up of top salespeople. But, Michel did a great job, and I was doubly impressed at another event that evening when one of the attendees shared a very powerful and moving story that he had been inspired to share as a result of Michel’s presentation. I can see why these techniques are so effective in sales, leadership and in the work we do in advocating and grassroots lobbying.

JON PAONE - Vice President, Government Affairs, New York Life

You did an excellent job of demonstrating the value of storytelling to enhance leadership and improve outcomes. The session also gave us new insights and appreciation for our colleagues. And while I was initially concerned about how people would take to a session on storytelling, it was gratifying to see how participants left the workshop with specific tools to help them be more structured and deliberate in their communications.

ROXANN LINTON - Chief Executive Officer, First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union (FHC)

Michel Neray's training has not only helped internal staff be more effective in their respective roles, but it also helped us access new sources of revenue. In addition, our front-line staff reported they were more effective in the field. We would definitely hire Michel again, and in fact, we did!

NANCY HEINRICHS - Executive Director Winnipeg Regional Health Authority