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Intensive Coaching 2-3 Hour Session

$500.00 (usd, applicable taxes not included)

$500 usd (plus taxes) per Intensive Session (2-3 hours), either in person or via Zoom web conference.

Individual one-to-one coaching and consulting with Michel Neray, founder of Inside-Out Storytelling, and momondays, by video conference, phone, or in person. We will identify and address exactly what you need in order to improve your message, impact, performance, and effectiveness.

Please note there is a 10% discount when you pay for 3 or more sessions in the same order. Simply use this coupon code ‘sbq9yps9‘ (without the quotes) at check-out. Boom!


sbq9yps9 <- use this coupon code to avail of discount when buying 3 or more of the same product!

Every speaker is unique. Every story is unique.

Whether you are already a working, professional speaker or just at the point where you feel ready to step into that role, private coaching helps you take your game to the next level (or five), and develop your confidence on stage and in front of customers, your team or the board.

Some improve by bringing out more heart. Others improve by bringing out more head. And still others improve by bringing out more funny bone. In this full session, we will work on whatever it is you need to get you the most benefit in the least amount of time.

As the founder of momondays and the designer of the moTraining curriculum, Michel has spoken at conferences in more than nine countries worldwide, and has helped thousands of individuals craft and perform more effective, ‘Inside-Out’ stories to become more effective leaders, salespeople, coaches, teachers, trainers, speakers, and influencers of all types. He also uses Inside-Out Storytelling to more effectively differentiate, position and brand organizations in the market.


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