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Get Better Testimonials Overview

Testimonials. You see them everywhere. On retail websites. On home pages of consultants, coaches and advisors. In pitch decks of start-ups. On large international company websites. On one-person websites.

Testimonials have become a universal fixture in business everywhere...

Chances are your competitors already have strong testimonials to support their sales and marketing efforts.

Almost every business has them.

We've come to expect them.

The good news is they do work. Our brains are wired to take the experience of others as support for our own decisions. They add credibility through whats known as social proof.

But, it’s not enough to simply have a few, random testimonials. And it's worse to have bad ones that sound phony.

No. Testimonials are a strategic, competitive advantage only when you have a lot of different testimonials, and only when they say the right things about you and your business.

And that's what we're going to cover in this workshop.

Using advertising copywriting techniques that I have gained from over 30 years as a professional copywriter, you’ll learn:

  • What makes a good testimonial... and how a story-based approach can make it a great one!
  • The difference between an endorsement and a testimonial. A really important difference.
  • 8 ways that testimonials support your business!
  • 4 believability enhancers to add even more credibility to your testimonials.
  • 5 specific types of testimonials you really do ‘need’.

I'll show you how to get testimonials whether you've been in business for years -- or you’re just starting out.

And I'll show how to get testimonials in a way that benefits your customers and clients as much as they help you!

Look, forget everything you think you know about testimonials... I promise you, this workshop is going to blow your mind.

If you're ready use the best marketing tool, ever, do this now. Learn more or get started at

Inside-Out Storytelling

Inside-Out Storytelling is the hub for people who attend momondays events, trainings, and speaking engagements delivered by Michel Neray and other selected speakers.

We created this community to bring together all the people who want to master the art and science of storytelling... so that we can change hearts, change minds, and change the world… so that we can lead better, sell more, train more effectively, coach more powerfully, and yes, change the world.

If this stirs something in you, you're in the right place.

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Premium course 1. Why Testimonials?

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Premium course 2. Testimonial Stories

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Premium course 9. Where, When and How?

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Premium course 10. Dream Testimonials

3m 3s

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4m 19s

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Premium course 13. One More Thing

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About the Trainer

Michel Neray

My work in Core Messaging, Category Design and Storytelling for over 30 years has taught me that at the bottom of every meaningful value proposition is a story.

As the founder of momondays, I have listened to and watched countless stories being performed -- it has given me a fundamental grasp of what works, and what doesn’t. As a professional speaker, trainer and consultant, my passion is helping people and organizations lead better, sell more, and change the world.

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