How coaches coach, trainers train, salespeople sell, and leaders lead.

Stories are the 'gold nuggets' in every presentation, keynote speech, or training program. Whether you want to lead better, sell more, or change the world – whether you're speaking on stage for live audience, at a boardroom table, or from behind a computer screen – Inside-Out Storytelling helps you be more impactful, more memorable, and more effective. This really works.

What do people say about Inside-Out Storytelling?


Michel Neray was pivotal in impacting my speaking career and workshop facilitation. His workshop taught me to craft my humorous talks with a core message that changed my speaking business profoundly. His easy style and compassionate manner allowed me to open up and take my business to a new level.

LENNY RAVICH - Author, Keynote Speaker, Gestalt & Humor Master, Optimism & Mindfulness Guru

As a professional speaker and singer-songwriter already successful at making a living through storytelling, I was hoping to deepen my knowledge of the craft. I was, however, a bit skeptical that I’d learn anything new. That skepticism quickly evaporated… I loved all the different methodologies and approaches to distilling the essence of your story. And the whole design of the workshop was aligned with the creative process, in that it was designed to turn off your brain, get yourself out of your own way and put you into flow through the great prompts and the pace of it all. The time absolutely flew by and I felt like I had learned so much when I emerged on the other side. I will be back for more!

PETER KATZ - Juno Award and Canadian Screen Award nominated Singer-Songwriter and Speaker

That was the perfect session for me. It helped me develop the story as the foundation of my branding.


Michel's speaking classes and pointers go straight to the heart of transformation… and they’re informative and fun. They've been a key factor in helping me effectively build my coaching practice and my community.

LINDA BABULIC - Personal Business Strategist at ZEST Your Life

So months after applying for jobs, I finally landed a job doing what I love with a cool team. Part of how I sold myself as the person for the job was telling them my story (thank you, Michel!)

HESSAH ALJIRAN - Product Designer

I was skeptical that a keynote about storytelling could deliver anything new to an audience made up of top salespeople. But, Michel did a great job, and I was doubly impressed at another event that evening when one of the attendees shared a very powerful and moving story that he had been inspired to share as a result of Michel’s presentation. I can see why these techniques are so effective in sales, leadership and in the work we do in advocating and grassroots lobbying.

JON PAONE - Vice President, Government Affairs, New York Life

Michel, your Storytelling coaching helped me land a great client, which gave me a 30x, or 3,000% return on my investment!! Now I am conscious about storytelling as I never was before. Thank you!

ALICE WHEATON - Extreme Sales Results

What I loved most about the workshop is the innovative ways of how to deliver presentations in the most powerful ways. Michel's techniques will take any public speaker to the next level.

MARIOLA CZARNIAK - Founder of Maximum Results Academy

I participated in Michel's virtual storytelling workshop last week and it was super informative and fun AND I got to practice! Was just like being in person but even quieter and easier to focus! These classes are always full of valuable, take home material!

JEFF ALDRIDGE - Workshop Participant

One of the best storytelling programs, if not the best, I have ever seen. Remarkable in its clarity.

DAVE LIEBER - Keynote speaker; Humorist; Columnist for Dallas Morning News

Michel has, for over Ten (10) years, been associated, with the Jamaica Employers’ Federation’s Annual Business & Workplace Convention, as either, its Opening or Closing Keynote Speaker and Presenter.

His storytelling and musical skills, coupled with his expertise and competence in delivery, have always engaged, motivated, and inspired our hundreds of leaders and practitioners from diverse business and professional disciplines.

We are always happy to welcome Michel and our Convention deliverables, will not be complete without his input.

YVONNE DAVIS - Jamaica Employers Federation

Storytelling proved to be a great keynote topic. The ability to present our results, the pertinent details, while keeping on point, and delivering the true message is critical and Michel provided many approaches that can be adopted, and help in the successful communications. The keynote was well worth it.

MICHAEL FLINT - Project Management Consultant

Excellent! Outstanding! Amazing! Michel is one of the greatest communicators I have ever had the pleasure to hear speak. He is also entertaining yet so relatable. Highly recommend him for the next event you host and need a speaker to entertain and educate your audience.

KAREN FOX - Market Domination Strategist, Speaker

Your story coaching helped me create a story that got people to listen. Really listen.

JANICE FRANCISCO - MSc Creativity & Change Leadership, Bridgepoint Effect

Members indicated that you transformed their thinking for better problem solving, relationship building, and ultimately satisfied customer sales… a great program!

JOAN TEZAK - Exec. Director, Colorado Society Association Executives (CSAE)

The messaging that Michel worked on with us not only helped us establish our brand differentiation and leadership position with customers, strategic partners and analysts, it helped keep us focused internally on our core strategy. And it was absolutely a factor in our growth and success.

OMER SCHNEIDER - Co-founder and CEO, CyberX (acquired by MSFT)

You did an excellent job of demonstrating the value of storytelling to enhance leadership and improve outcomes. The session also gave us new insights and appreciation for our colleagues. And while I was initially concerned about how people would take to a session on storytelling, it was gratifying to see how participants left the workshop with specific tools to help them be more structured and deliberate in their communications.

ROXANN LINTON - Chief Executive Officer, First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union (FHC)

Your speech on the virtual stage was spellbinding as we received plenty of positive reviews from our advisors afterward. The musical performance at the end was a nice way to cap off the roadshow.

MATTHEW TO - Director, Business Development - Investments Beneva Insurance

Michel’s coaching helped me clarify my key insights, balance the story with just the right amount of detail, and elevate it from a basic 'talk' to a powerful performance.

SOPHIE DESLAURIERS - Sales Leader / Management, Sales Team Training, Facilitation & Coaching

LeanWerks recently completed a week-long deep dive on our essential qualities, cultural foundation, and competitive positioning facilitated by Michel Neray. It was the best work on this front that I have experienced – at this company and at any other company I have been in. More than an exercise in branding and positioning, I now see how powerful the Essential Message concept is for our people and how it impacts on our culture – that was unexpected.

REID LELAND - Owner/President LeanWerks

The messaging that Michel developed with our team provided clear differentiation and a distinct value proposition for our company. It also provided a key focus for our sales and marketing efforts, which helped us grow our business by 60% per year and become the #1 vendor in our space.

RAM METSER - CEO, Guardium, an IBM Company

Michel's presentation was true magic. He was able to craft a message for the audience that combined his expertise with their immediate needs. His delivery was exemplary. By combining humor, examples, and an informal but focused presentation, he demonstrated his command of storytelling principles and gave the audience immediate useful takeaways. True learning took place - Michel left the audience left feeling excited and motivated.

MARIE LAVIE - Managing Director, Eastern Prince Edward Island Chamber of Commerce

I was immediately impressed by Michel's quick grasp of the potential impact of my message and his keen insight into how I could have my message resonate more deeply with my audience.

ADRIAN DAVIS - Value Selling Expert Professional Speaker, Author, and Strategic Consultant

Michel Neray's training has not only helped internal staff be more effective in their respective roles, but it also helped us access new sources of revenue. In addition, our front-line staff reported they were more effective in the field. We would definitely hire Michel again, and in fact, we did!

NANCY HEINRICHS - Executive Director Winnipeg Regional Health Authority

Michel, the message of your keynote was right in line with the objectives of the event. And, the more we work with our marketing company, the more we realize that the message of your keynote is also right in line with the objectives of our company. Thank you!

DAVE ROOSEVELT - CEO, Centric Consulting

It’s always a challenge to keep people engaged in virtual presentations, but your name consistently came up as one of the favourite speakers of the conference — people were truly engaged by your stories and delivery. As an event planner, I’d also say that you were easy to work with. Plus, you went over and above in your preparedness, especially with the technology, which gave us confidence leading up to the conference. Thank you!

DAN SIMS - Director, Business Development, Investments, Beneva Insurance

Michel was able to deliver a flawless and engaging workshop online. The content was timely and practical.

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How 'Inside-Out' Storytelling Helps You? 

You can now stop using old-fashioned techniques and manipulative tactics that everyone sees through. Inside-Out Storytelling is an approach that feels natural because it is natural. And with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), advertising copywriting, acting, stand-up comedy, songwriting, improv, and more... no other approach blends so many diverse disciplines to bear on your message and performance to help you be as impactful as you can be.


Inside-Out Storytelling helps you sell more, lead better, network more effectively, and communicate more powerfully in every aspect of your business.


Inside-Out Storytelling helps you boost audience engagement, memorability, differentiation, impact, message retention... and speaker fee.


Inside-Out Storytelling helps you be a more impactful change agent, thought-leader, and influencer for the change you want to see in the world.



Inside-Out Storytelling helps you process the events in your own life and reframe your experiences in ways that server you better. 


Inside-Out Storytelling helps you craft and share your stories for greater trust, influence, confidence, intimacy, fun, and friendships.

The Impact of Inside-Out Storytelling

Inside-out Storytelling is a unique approach that aligns the passion and wisdom you have inside you, with the message that gets through to your listeners. Whether you want to lead better, sell more, or cause social change -- and whether you're speaking on a stage in front of a live audience, or from behind a computer screen -- Inside-out Storytelling will help you be more impactful, more memorable, and more effective.

Featured Virtual Training: Get Better Testimonials

Let me show you how a story-based approach to testimonials is more effective, engaging, and believable - whether you've been in business for years or you’re just starting out. 

About Us

Working with organizations large and small for over 20 years, and running storytelling events in 16 cities for almost 10 years, well, you might reasonably expect that we've learned a thing or two about speaking and storytelling.

Inside-Out Storytelling, momondays, and The Essential Message are all rooted in Michel Neray's experience as an international professional speaker, advertising writer, marketing executive, digital pioneer, and brand consultant.

Michel has helped over thousands of individuals craft and perform more effective, ‘Inside-Out’ stories to become more effective leaders, salespeople, coaches, teachers, trainers, speakers, and influencers of all types. He has helped start-ups get funded and acquired -- multiple times. And he's helped larger organizations to more effectively differentiate, position, brand themselves, and sell more.

This stuff really works.

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